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Speeches Prior to 1850

Speech on the Wolf and Jackson Administrations:
Delivered on March 3, 1834
 in the Pennsylvania General Assembly

On Free Public Education:
Delivered on April 11, 1835
 in the Pennsylvania General Assembly

Speech On Slavery:
Delivered on May 2, 1837,
at a Convention of "Friends of the Integrity of the Union,"
in Harrisburg

Speech on Equal Rights:
Delivered On July 8, 1837 at the Pennsylvania Convention

Speech on Public Education:
Delivered On November 13, 1837 at the Pennsylvania
Constitutional Convention, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Open Letter to His Adams County Constituents:
December 26, 1838, Harrisburg, Pa.

Speech in Favor of a Bill to Establish
a School of Arts in the City of Philadelphia:

Delivered in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives,
at Harrisburg, March 10, 1838

The Argument of Thaddeus Stevens, Esq.
Before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

In the Case of Jacob Specht vs. The Commonwealth
At Harrisburg, May 1848




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