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     Articles on the Civil War and American History

While many of these pieces are articles written and published in the early 1990's they still have relevance today. In fact they have more relevance today given the state of the Nation and the current Republican Congress and Administration. All of them represent the background for my most recent article entitled The Not So Hidden Roots Of Today's Republican Party Insanity



The Triumph of Mediocrity and the Demise of the Democratic Party

The Not So Hidden Roots Of Today's Republican Insanity

How The Founding Fathers Fought For An End To Slavery

Free Trade, The Confederacy And The Political Economy of Slavery

Reconstruction: The Battle Not Yet Won

Time To Bury The Dead Culture Of The Confederacy

The Fourteeth Amendment And Natural Law (Part I)

The Fourteeth Amendment And Natural Law (Part II)

The Heirs Of Andrew Johnson: Impeachment And The American System

Arguing About Slavery: A Book Review

A Short History Of The United States For The Miseducated

"'Lincoln,' Thaddeus Stevens and Why American Politics
Still Needs Radicals" an article from The Nation

Musings On Life, Politics and Other Mysteries









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